• National insurance/incentives
    (maternity leave)
  • Operating GG cafe
    (all profits are donated to charity)
  • New year/Thanks giving date gifts
  • Awarding well performing/longterm em Employees
  • offering dormitory/resting area
    (outdorr terrace/lady's room)
  • 1,00,000 worth of special health screening
  • New year/Thanks giving incentives
    (500,000won on each occasion)
  • Birthday party and birthday gift
    (100,000won cash)
  • Holiday support on payments for Long-term emplyees
  • supporting variety of social club activities
  • Resort and condominium
  • Cafeteria offering finest diet.
    (providing all three meals everyday for free of charge)

Our Welfare benefits scheme helps to enrich the quality of living and offer sustainability.